About Us

We want to tell your love story! We strive to capture your most memorable moments, in creative and beautiful ways. Our filmmakers have all been trained at the most prestigious schools in the world, and are award winning storytellers. We believe that natural, emotional moments can happen only when you forget the camera is there. It is those "real" moments we strive to capture. Our goal is to craft a one of a kind film that tells your love story, and to provide you with professional service at an affordable price. We take pride in what we do, and we look forward to telling your story!


Theater 10?

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On December 15, 2011, I became the luckiest guy in the world, when the love of my life said YES! I proposed by making a film for her and secretly renting out a Theater. The theater number... 10! Our love story was just begining. As you begin this new chapter of your story, I want to create a film for you, as magical and as memorable as my own! I am so excited to be a part of the happiest day of your life, and I look forward to hearing your love story!      -Taylor Rummell